Pros & Cons of PR Agencies

As I have begun the search for a job in PR, I have found myself looking at both PR boutiques and agencies. Not really knowing the difference and the benefits of either, I found the article on PR Couture incredibly helpful. The article makes and explains and entire list of the benefits and cons of PR agencies.

Taking straight from the website, the pros listed were:

  • Ability to learn from and work on multiple accounts
  • Surrounded by the best in the business/not a lone wolf
  • Dynamic work environment due to account mix
  • Learn how to pitch and acquire new business

the cons listed were:

  • Less of an ability to just make things happen, need client approval
  • Being on the outside means missing out on “water-cooler” conversations
  • Titles matter, agency politics can be a struggle
  • Billing time

The list was beneficial because it certainly allowed me to see the differences between a boutique firm and a PR agency. Depending on how you work and what you want to be able to do in your job, figuring out whether an agency or a boutique will be crucial.


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