Trashy vs. Classy: Self Marketing

In lieu of my 2 most recent posts, I have decided to stay on the topic of self marketing. On this weeks, Linky Love, an article about celebrities tweeting caught my eye. I personally follow some celebrities on Twitter, but seemingly not the notorious ones.

I stand by in my other posts saying that I agree with individuals, like my self, and celebrities self marketing — reaching out to the public, connecting with people on a more personal level, but the article I read exposes the negativity of celebrities taking self marketing into their own hands.

In the article, “Dear PR People: Please Stop Letting Celebrities Tweet” the issue of celebrities tweeting and having a negative backlash is far too common. More often that not, celebrities tweet something controversial and public out cries occur. As the famous saying states, not all publicity is good publicity. When celebrities tweet controversial, rude, and insensitive subject matter, millions of followers instantly read it, causing a major need for damage control.

As much of a fan as I am of celebrities relating to fans, and as much as I believe in the freedom of speech, celebrities are caught in a gray area, where they have to be very weary of both.

The article states it very well, “for every tweet that gets deleted, 9 more show up in its place.” This explains the cycle of a single outrageous or controversial statement being tweeted, and then the immediate and plentiful tweets apologizing and retracting the statement.

As long as self promotion stays classy and personally beneficial, it’s a positive tool, but when it turns negative and trashy, it turns self marketing into a dangerous tool.


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