Roberto Cavalli: fashion icon and now a blogger?

This week on Linky Love, an article was shared regarding Roberto Cavalli’s new hobby…blogging! Who knew that a fashion icon who doesn’t even tweet would start to blog. His blog so far has focused on his travels, his love life,  and his couture shows, all of which he has called his adventure.

Personally, I find it admirable that a man of such reverence, such popularity and such social positioning still takes the time out of his day to connect with his fans and the patrons of his clothing line.

Cavalli’s actions have a direct correlation to world and profession of public relations because despite his media empire, he individually has made an outreach to his “clients”. In relation to the article I posted and discussed last week, this just emphasizes the fact that personal marketing is key. As long as you don’t over advertise yourself, or worse, falsely advertise yourself, their is no shame in promoting yourself and your capabilities. Garnering that from this article was incredibly useful to mean and I know it is something I will carry with me and use in the future.

In Cavalli’s situation, he doesn’t need to “get his name out” or advertise who he is, but his outreach is key to his self promotion as a likable and in a sense relatable person.

As a newbie in PR, tips and advice are all around us, but sometimes have to be derived differently that just being told. By looking at Cavalli’s blogging habits in the way that I did, I was able to learn a useful practice.


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