A Little Space, Please.

We’ve all heard of “helicopter parents”, those parents who can’t seem to let their children do anything fully on their own — the one’s who try to have control over every little aspect of their children’s life.

This issue used to only be prevalent in the classroom as kids, but in the past few years helicopter parents have been making appearances on college campuses. If that weren’t enough, an article this week on NPR, exposes that helicopter parents are now following their children to work!

According to the article, “Helicopter Parents Hover in the Workplace“, more and more parents are having an alarmingly prevalent presence in the office. The article states that parents have become so involved that some have phoned into the human resources department to advocate on their child’s behalf.

The point made in the article that really stood out to me was one made by a boss who said that “those types of interventions [those of parents] can backfire, it definitely does not show great leadership or decision – making skills”.

I found this article somewhat shocking because I couldn’t believe that parents went as far as to do this. An integral part of growing up is gaining independence and learning how to manage it, although helicopter parents might mean well, they’re actions are actually counteractive.


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