Ms. Know-it-All

Recently, on PR Couture, a book advertised caught my eye. Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR was a focus on the site.

I am personally not aiming to work in the fashion PR world, but many of my friends are. The fashion world is a fast paced and tough field to place into. This book seems like just the thing for any PR student interested in entering the field.

The tagline of the book is, Transform Your Passion for Fashion Into a Successful Career. The summary provided by Amazon states that the book “is an information-dense, fun-to-read adventure through the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of public relations in the fashion industry. Written particularly for those just getting started (public relations undergraduates, entry-level practitioners), Ready to Launch is the only career guide tailored specifically for aspiring fashion PR professionals. A definite must-read for anyone considering a career in fashion PR, marketing or a related field, the book charts the course from education to internships and interviews, touching on personal branding, reputation management and setting a long-term career vision for ongoing success”.

Although I am not a fashion focused PR student myself, I might read this just because it seems full of good tips and beneficial information, useless for PR in general. As the focus of my blog is to seek and provide what I can for girls like myself, I found this book especially fitting. No matter where you go, a little advice and direction can never hurt.


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