I’ll Try My Best

In close to relation to last week’s post about the handbook to PR, an article on linky love followed closely. Recently, Ragan’s PR Daily posted an article titled, “10 Ways to be a Dream PR Intern“. I personally, would like to send a large shout out to the person behind this list, we newbies in PR appreciate you.

The best and most useful aspect of this list is that they are recommending you do things that are easily within reach. The tips simply advise you to be an honest, diligent, hard worker who will provide a lot to the team and whose presence will be noted in a positive way — no one ever needs a useless and rude intern. Luckily for me, good manners are what I was brought up with and I am no a consistent and avid user of them. But, what this article did make me realize is how imperative manners are in the work place — especially as an intern.

No matter how hard your day might seem at your internship, chances are, your bosses day is 5 times harder. So by being perky, helpful and useful, your positivity radiates through out the office which helps to boosts your co-workers day.

And as an intern, never forget that you are still an intern. Yes, maybe you have scored a great internship, but always be modest, and never toot your own horn in the office. Your co – workers and boss have given you a tremendous opportunity and you are there more than anything, to learn.


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