The Best Part of the Super Bowl?

Every year millions of people get excited for the Super Bowl, the game, the competition, the adrenaline rush does it for them. But for me, it’s the commercials. I usually don’t know who is playing in the game until day of, and I certainly never make bets. Football is beyond me, quirky commercials are not.

This week in Linky Love, I was excited to find a link to an article titled, 12 Ads That Changed Super Bowl Marketing. This of course intrigued me, because thankfully it was not about sport statistics, but instead advertisement. Not all the ads were from the most recent Super Bowl, but I certainly remembered a few of them. It was exciting to see that others had shared my opinion in finding a Super Bowl commercial especially remarkable. Each ad played with a certain emotion and targeted a certain audience, it was about identifying with the consumers and making themselves distinguished from the competition.

It is a common human experience to be biased towards someone, and in this case something, most likely a brand, when you feel a personal connection to it. This was the aim of the ads, they wanted to achieve some factor that would make you pick their product when you walked into the store, rather than the similar product sitting next to it.

Some of the most moving and memorable ads have been those where there was no dialogue, but instead silence with the focus on the product. Whether it was special effects, scenery or the jaw dropping endeavor, something clicked in people’s mind as they watched it, making an ever lasting mark.

I eagerly await this year’s Super Bowl, well let’s be honest, I eagerly await the commercials.


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