How are we Supposed to Know?

Currently a young woman who is soon to be emerging into the professional PR world, I have found myself with a lot of questions. Most people have a stereotypical idea of what PR is, based off what we see on TV and such, but sometimes I find myself wondering what I am really going to be doing and where!

For anyone seeking a new position, especially one professionally, questions arise. So where’s the handbook? Most of my female classmates agree that we have so many questions but aren’t quite sure where to get the answers. I’m all for being adventurous and spontaneous, but the consistent feeling that you’re winging it isn’t exactly desirable.

In my blogroll, I supply several sites that are aimed towards young women in the professional PR world. They address some of the issues we are exposed to and also offer good advice and resources. Clearly, part of growing up and joining the work force is supposed to be nerve-wracking and confidence shaking, but it’s nice to have some sort of reference.

Recently, I found the site NYC PR Girls. This blog is backed by four emerging PR girls who have found themselves asking the same questions as I have. On their site they supply the NYC PR girls guide, (did I hear a hallelujah?)

In their guide, the NYC girls cover what they call, the basics. A few of which are the PR girl Do’s and Don’ts, how to learn and talk in PR Jargon, How to travel like a savvy PR girl and how to complete the perfect follow-up. The topics go on, but each is thoroughly completed and very helpful. I was quite relieved on finding this, because despite these girls are not published or professional speakers, they’re like me, and girls my age in this field, and therefore relatable.

So to all my fellow newbies in PR, I have found us our handbook!


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